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Climb More, Spend Less

Climbing is fantastic. The only problem is that expenses and logistics can really rack up. Here at the AAC, we know that every dollar spent on gear, guidebooks, and insurance is one less dollar you can put toward your next road trip or expedition.

The American Alpine Club gives climbers the best and easiest access to discounts, information, and community so that you can spend as much time as possible doing what you love. Life is too short not to.

Protect yourself with rescue service and insurance.

Every AAC member is automatically covered with a $5,000 domestic accident insurance policy through our partner, Global Rescue. You'll also be covered with a $5,000 worldwide rescue service package. The coverage activates as soon as you become a member.

Over the past 20 years, hundreds of AAC members have been pulled out of danger—each saving thousands of dollars in the process-thanks to these complimentary member benefits.

Members can also upgrade their Global Rescue coverage up to $500,000 at up to a 5% discount—and Global Rescue donates part of the price back to the Club.

To top it off, we've partnered with Nicholas Hill Benefit Group and Adventure Advocates to give you access to exclusive deals on climber-friendly health insurance, accident insurance, trip insurance, and life insurance.

Get all the beta you could ever want.

You'll receive two of the most respected climbing publications on the planet: The American Alpine Journal ($45 value) and Accidents in North American Mountaineering ($12 value). Both are delivered right to your door every year to give you inspirational information on new climbing routes and expert analysis on how to climb safely.

The AAC also has one of the most extensive climbing libraries in the world in Golden, CO. You can search our catalog, find the guidebooks or other books/videos you want, and have them shipped to your home address for free. When you're planning your next climbing trip, use our guidebook finder or library catalog to find all the resources you need. Then just click on the books you want, and you'll have them before you leave.

Keep your mountains and crags open and clean.

Every year—from Red Rocks to Pakistan—we devote more than $100,000 to conserve the places we climb and to protect your rights as climbers. By becoming a member, you choose to give the climbing community a stronger voice to do good in our world.

Save money with member discounts.

The list of discounts is long. Really long.

  • 20% off Patagonia online
  • $15 off online orders of $75 or more at Mountain Gear
  • 40% off or more on Rock & Ice, Climbing, and Alpinist magazines
  • $14/night at the Grand Teton Climbers' Ranch in Jackson Hole
  • 10-15% off day climbs with Jackson Hole Mountain Guides, Exum Mountain Guides, and High Peaks Mountain Guides.

And this list isn't all of it. There's a worldwide lodging network, access to AAC events, and plenty of climbing gym discounts you can use year round.

Get funding for your trips, local crags, and conservation projects.

Every year, we give out over $80,000 in grants to our members so that they can pursue their climbing dreams. We love helping to build the climbing community and have developed grants for:

  • Cutting-edge alpinism
  • Young climbers looking to push their limits
  • Crag infrastructure
  • Research projects
  • Conservation projects

Have a Question? We have answers.

Isn't the AAC only for elitist climbers who are pushing the limits of the sport?
Absolutely not. While we support pushing boundaries and evolving our sport, we fully understand that most important climbs are the ones we do ourselves. We take an inclusive stance towards the climbing community and want to help you find a home in the climbing world.
Aren't you a national organization? How will you contribute to my local climbing community?
This is true, our focus has traditionally been at the national level. But we've come to realize that most climbers engage locally-with neighboring climbing partners at local crags and gyms. So now we're focusing on building local programs all over the United States. We've hired full-time Regional Coordinators, doubled Section funding, and added local grants to make sure that the AAC makes a difference in your community.
Don't the same people win the grants every year?
Not at all. Our grants go to a wide range of people. While some climbers do win multiple grants, it doesn't happen frequently. We publish the list of winners on our website so you can see exactly who receives which grants.
Doesn't it take a while to save enough to cover the cost of the membership?
The American Alpine Journal and Accidents of North American Mountaineering cover half the cost of membership. You'll quickly cover the other half with a Patagonia jacket, guidebook rental from our library, or a week at the Grand Teton Climbers' Ranch. With all the benefits we have, the savings add up fast.

Don't take our word for it. Here's what others have to say:

John Frieh

Second winter ascent of Huntington, winner of the Mugs Stump and Copp-Dash Inspire Awards

I'll be honest: for years I assumed the cost of joining wasn't worth it and that my cash was better spent on gas or gear to go climbing. But after discovering many of my climbing partners were members I finally took the time to sit down and crunch the numbers. I quickly discovered the American Alpine Club is so much more than just two books in the mail each year; the money saved through the gear and gym discounts alone exceeds the annual cost. Add to that lodging discounts and yes two books in the mail each year and it boils down to the simple fact that you come out ahead with an AAC membership. That said the true value of the American Alpine Club is belonging to a group of individuals as passionate and committed to climbing as you are.

Yvon Chouinard

Patagonia Founder and influencer of the clean-climbing movement

For over a century, the AAC has helped protect our playgrounds around the world. Today AAC initiatives can be found across the country's most iconic vertical landscapes. The AAC is also active internationally, from rebuilding popular climbing approaches in Patagonia—through the support of the company I founded by the same name—to establishing community-based conservation programs in the Himalaya. Cast your vote to protect the places we climb by becoming a member today.

Pete Takeda

Marmot Athlete & sitting board member of the AAC & AMGA

Housing over 60,000 volumes, including classics that inspire the climbs of our dreams, guidebooks, maps, and DVDs, the world's largest climbing library is always handy. What's great is that AAC members can search the online catalog and receive free outbound shipping. The savings, compared to buying maps and guidebooks, easily offsets the price of membership.

Kyle Dempster

Black Diamond Athlete awarded the 2010 Piolet d'Or

The AAC grant program = a dirtbag's ticket to climbing wherever their heart desires. I have this burning desire to climb in the world's wild places. I'm so grateful for the AAC grant program to help get me there. At first I was recycling aluminum cans and climbing in Yosemite. Now with AAC grants I can climb in Asia and I still get to pick up aluminum cans. AAC grants are for everyone, young or old, sponsored or not, the only requirement are dreams of climbing.

Peter Metcalf

CEO/President of Black Diamond

Back in the 1970s I lived parts of many summers at the AAC's Grand Teton Climbers' Ranch. A night at the Ranch cost about the same as a carabiner, and amazingly it is still that cheap today. And now I'm thrilled to see the AAC building a much-needed campground, for climbers in the Gunks. Through the years I have traveled and climbed all over, and having had an AAC membership to get hut discounts around the country, in the Canadian wilderness, across the Alps and in New Zealand would have been a godsend.

Mike Libecki

over 30 expeditions to locations such as Antarctica, Baffin Island, Greenland, China, Madagascar, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Venezuela, and Yemen.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the AAC is that they are like guardian angels when it comes to my lifestyle: my passion for climbing all over the world-my obsession, if you will, for seeking the Earth's most beautiful climbs. I can truly say the AAC has been a major part of the success I have had standing on many virgin summits around the world. Being a member of the American Alpine Club is a must for the vertically obsessed.

Become a member today and...

  • Get access to the dozens of benefits listed above
  • Save money thanks to member-only discounts
  • Join our ever-growing community of climbers
  • Support climber conservation and advocacy around the world
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