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 New Mexico, like its neighboring states, is absolutely filled with rock—enough to last many lifetimes. The 100 local members commonly check out the granite of the Sandias, the huge multi-pitch routes near Las Cruces and Chama, or cruise into one of hundreds of sandstone or volcanic canyons scattered across the state.


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Contact & Volunteer

It's easy to get in touch with your Section Chair, Regional Coordinator, or the Club.

Email the New Mexico Section Chair, Pat Gioannini at newmexico@americanalpineclub.org

Email Rockies Regional Coordinator Jenn Flemming at jflemming@americanalpineclub.org.

Email the Club's offices in Golden at info@americanalpineclub.org

Give the Club a call at (303) 384-0110

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Pat Gioannini - New Mexico Section Chair

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Pat Gioannini developed a passion for climbing as a college student in the 1980s.   The college years were spent climbing in southern NM, in particular the Organ Mountains and Dona Anna Mountains near Las Cruces.  After college Pat spent time climbing in California, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, Canada, and Switzerland.  Pat also spent two summers at McMurdo Station Antarctica supporting NASA’s Long Duration Balloon program.  In 1997 Pat moved to Tucson Arizona and concentrated his climbing on Mt. Lemon and Cochise Stronghold.  In 2011 Pat participated in the AAC Cordillera Blanca Environmental Expedition and learned of the satisfaction coming from volunteering.  In 2013 Pat moved back to his home town of Las Cruces.

As the NM section chair, Pat hopes to strengthen the community of climbers in NM. If you want to become involved, email him for more information: newmexico@americanalpineclub.org.


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