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Hueco Rock Ranch FAQ

When is the Hueco Rock Ranch (HRR) opening?

The Ranch opened on the 15th of November for the 2013-2014 season. Book your space now.

Is the Hueco Rock Ranch only open to American Alpine Club Members?

No, not at all, the HRR is open to everyone, be they members, climbers, or who ever. There are however different rates for members and non-members, and depending on your length of stay joining can quickly pay off. Become a member.

What is the pet policy?

There is a no pet policy at the HRR. This is for many reasons. The main being that no pets are allowed in most of the Hueco Tanks State Park, resulting in pets being left unattended for long periods of time. Liability, sanitary, and safety concerns for both pets and guests are also contributing factors.

Is the barn open?

Yes, the barn is fully open, with all new bathroom and kitchen facilities. There are also couches and games for evenings and rest days.

Can I ship something to the ranch?

Please contact ranch staff before shipping to the ranch. Packages shipped to unknown names will be returned to sender. A better option is to ship general delivery at Sandy Creek Post Office 2100 GEORGE DIETER DR
EL PASO, TX 79936-9998.

What is available for accommodation options?

There are four options for you lodging pleasure.

1) There is the house, with new plumbing, carpet, beds, appliances and most everything else. It is right up there with the nicest spots climbers get to stay. There are several options of rooms, from private to bunk and several in between.

2) Camping, sites have been cleaned, numbered, and delineated, with the renovation of the barn for your cooking, bathroom and lounging needs camping at the HRR has never been better.

3) If you have your own road-tripping machine, then there are numerous nice flat spots, which are easy to pull into and set up in, all with-in close walking distance of the barn, if you feel the urge to get out and stretch you legs.

4) RV spots, we are working on these and plan to have hook ups available soon, but we do have nice quiet easy to park in spots on the south end of our camp loop for all those people who travel in RV style.

What time is check in?

If you are staying in the house the office is open till 8pm, and if you plan to arrive later than that please make note of that in your online booking form or give the office a call and let them know.

You will be given combo code for the front door; your room/bunk location will be posted on a board inside the house. Come on in and get some rest.

If you are in the campground, please stop at the information board in front of the barn and fill out a self-check in card, list your name, site number, length of stay and number of people in your party. If you have booked on-line deposit the envelope in the fee box and enjoy your night. If you do not have prior reservations, please also deposit the nightly lodging fee in the envelope, this way we will not wake you up to collect payment first thing in the morning. If you do not have cash or check, we will just come visit you in the morning.

When are quiet hours?

Quiet hours are between 10pm and 8am. There may at times be organized events, which go later or start earlier but otherwise this goes for the whole HRR property.

How can I find a guide?

Wagon Wheel Coopt is guiding out of the HRR this season. Click here to book a guide.

Is the water at the HRR potable?

We do everything we can to make it that way, but we are reliant on water delivery by trucks on a weekly basis. For this reason we recommend you bring your own drinking water.

Is there recycling at the HRR?

Unfortunately there is only aluminum recycling available in the El Paso area, for this reason we encourage our guests to bring their beverage of choice in aluminum cans so we can reduce our waste generation.

Is there wifi available?

Yes we have wifi, but we have limited bandwidth and a slow connection, we ask that you use it sparingly and do not download or stream movies, videos or music.

Isn't the HRR in the desert? Where do you get your water?

Yes, we are in the desert with an average rainfall of only 9.5 inches. The HRR has water delivered by truck on a weekly basis and for that reason we ask that you conserve and are very conscious when going dishes or taking showers.