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Help / FAQ
How Do I Login?

Already a member? Your username is your on-file email address, and your password was sent to that account at time of joining.

Forgot your AAC Password? Having problems? Contact The AAC for more information.

Searching for Another Member?

Once you are logged in, click the "Member Share Search" link in the top navigation bar. Once on the Member Search page, you can type in a name, city, state, or name and any members who have opted-in to Member Share that match those search terms will come up.

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How Do I Login To or Use the AAC Library BookSearch?

As of April 24th, 2011, the AAC launched our new website. The member database is now synced with the library catalog. If you are having difficulty logging in, please login at the AAC Website and re-enter or change your password. This should re-set the login and password in the library catalog. We appreciate your patience while we fine tune the process. Please email or call us at (303) 384-0112 if you need further assistance.

What Can I Do While Logged In to BookSearch? Take a look at the image at left. Once logged in, use those buttons to:

• Check out guidebooks and have them mailed to you.
• Create private or public lists and share them by email.
• Leave comments about a book—start a conversation!
• Tag books to make them easier for everyone to find.
• Or send the Library purchase recommendations about books we should add to the collection.

How do I take advantage of member discounts?

Members can take advantage of a number of discounted products and services. Make sure you're logged in:

Gear discounts are utilized via special, members-only codes.

• Discounts on lodging and guide services can be taken advantage of by mentioning your AAC member status at the time of reservation. Make sure to bring your membership card with you when you travel.

• Discounts on Climbing Gym memberships are negotiated separately with each gym. Call or email the gym in your area. Take a look at the Climbing Gym Partners page.

Discounted Magazine Subscriptions from Alpinist, Rock & Ice, and Climbing can be set up when you join or renew, or at any time by contacting The AAC offices at info@americanalpineclub.org or calling (303) 384-0110.

Having Problems Joining?

Contact The AAC or call the office at (303) 384-10110

Only AAC Members may log in to get $10,000 in Global Rescue Insurance and Services, Exclusive Deals on Insurance, guidebooks mailed to you—free—from the extensive AAC Library, and the rest of the great AAC Member Benefits.

Contact The AAC for more information.

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