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Current Committees


Committees of the Board:

Executive Committee: Mark Kroese (President), Doug Walker (Vice President), Paul Gagner (Treasurer), Clark Gerhardt (Secretary)

Community Committee: Chair - Deanne Buck, Tom Burch, Eric Remza, David Thoenen, Karen Daubert and Jesse Mattner.

Conservation Committee: Chair - Brad Brooks, Rebecca Schild, Deanne Buck and Doug Walker.

Information & Marketing Committee: Chair - John Heilprin, Jesse Dwyer, Jenna Johnson, Tim Forbes, Shawn O'Fallon, Pete Ward, and Chris Warner

Library Committee: Chair - Ken Ehrhart, Nick Clinch, Wes Brown, Stan Dempsey, Bob Loveman, Jim Moss, Sallie Greenwood, and Fred Wolfe

Fund Development Committee: Chair - Phil Lakin, Jim McCarthy, Chas Fisher, Mia Axon, Doug Walker, Karen Daubert, Ken Ehrhart, Sid Balman, and Joe Blake, Jonathan Thesenga, Truc Allen, Christian Folk and Andre Tiffany

Governance Committee: Chair - Matt Culberson, Deanne Buck, Michael Kennedy, Doug Walker, and Steve Swenson

Huts Committee: Chair - Cody Smith, Jim Logan, Todd Hoffman and Travis Spitzer


Other Committees

Legal: Chair - Edward (Ted) Vaill, Sarah Bradley, Morgan Broman, Michael F. Browning, Neale Creamer, David Dreyer, Michael Feldman, Joan Hansen, Mark Lehringer, Robert Loomis, James P. McCarthy, Armando Menocal III, Jack Middleton, John B. Nesbitt, John E. Norberg, Glenn E. Porzak, Don Ralphs, Gregg R. Smith, and Griffith Way

Investment Committee: Chair - Philip Duff, James P. McCarthy, and Jed Williamson

Audit: Chair - Jim Frush and Glenn Porzak

Grand Teton Climbers' Ranch: Chair - William Fetterhoff, Nicholas B. Clinch, Douglas Chabot, Yvon Chouinard, Jack Tackle, Rob Dowse, Ruth Valsing, Ted Wilson, Robert Hyman, David Lee, and Joe Quinn

Yosemite: Chair - Linda McMillan


Awards Committees

The American Alpine Club proudly presents yearly awards to those with outstanding achievements in conservation, climbing and mountaineering. Members of the committees below play a key role in award recipient selection.

The Robert Hicks Bates Award: Chair - Rolando Garibotti, Kelly Cordes and Katy Klutznick

The David Brower Conservation Award: Chair - Brad Brooks

The Angelo Heilprin Citation: Chair - Bruce Franks, John Heilprin and John Kascenska

Literary Award: Chair - David Stevenson, Jeff Long, David Roberts, Susan E.B. Schwartz, Steve Roper, Ed Webster, and John Harlin, III

The Robert and Miriam Underhill Award: Chair - Mark Richey, Steve Swenson, Jack Tackle, and Jeff Lowe

Sowles Memorial Award: Chair - John E. (Jed) Williamson, Linda McMillan, William Lowell Putnam, and Ed Viesturs

Honorary Membership: Chair - OPEN, Jack Tackle, Linda McMillan, Charlie Sassara, T.C. Price Zimmerman, Elizabeth White, and George Lowe


Grants Committees

The American Alpine Club grants program provides resources for climbers and explorers to attempt new challenges, conduct scientific research, and push the envelope of human accomplishment in mountain and polar environments. The AAC awards over $50,000 annually, although the size and number of awards vary from year to year. The committees below review applications and select award recipients.

McNeill-Nott Award: Chair - Zoe Hart, Caroline George, and Janet Wilkinson

Mountaineering Fellowship Grants: Chair- Eiichi Fukushima, Yvon Chouinard, James Funsten, Kestrel Hanson, Joe LaBelle, Peter Metcalf, Travis Spitzer, and Geoff Tabin

Research Grants: Chair - Sarah Vaill, Raymond Huey, Danika Gilbert, Lou Reichert, John Beihoffer

Cornerstone Conservation Grant Committee: Chair - Rebecca Schild, Ellen Lapham, Matt Hepp, Aram Attarian, Bryan Cole

Lyman Spitzer Cutting Edge Award: Chair - Paul Gagner, Jack Tackle, and Jared Ogden

Zack Martin Breaking Barriers Grant: Chair- John Parsons (J.P.), Jim Donini, Kim Reynolds, Joe Vallone, and Cameron Burns

Scott Fisher and Lara-Karena Bitenieks Kellogg Memorial Conservation Grant: Chair -Rebecca Schild, Madeleine Sorkin, Aram Attarian

Live Your Dream Grant Northeast Region: Sarah Garlick, Carolyn Riccardi, Mark Synnott, Pete Ward and Freddie Wilkinson

Live Your Dream Grant Southeast Region: Lisa Hummel, Simon Carr, Danny McCracken, Rebecca Lem, Michael Kidder and Brian Simon

Live Your Dream Grant Western Region: Jeff Deikis, Hans Florine, Abbey Smith, Jeff Snyder, Pete Athans and Tony Yeary

Live Your Dream Grant Rockies Region: Jenn Flemming, Blake Summers, Chris Weidner, Lee Jenkins and Pat Gioannini

Live Your Dream Grant Northwest Region: Eddie Espinosa, Steve Swenson, Kit DesLauriers, Roger Strong, Graham Zimmerman, Emily Stifler and John Connor

Live Your Dream Grant Central: Adam Peters, Philip Swiny, Whitney Bradberry, Craig Hoffman and Dana Gerschel

Copp-Dash Inspire Award: Chair -Jonathan Thesenga, Aimee Copp, Jonathan Degenhardt, Jimmy Hopper, and Kristo Torgersen



The individuals below represent the club in various volunteer capacities throughout the year, and provide a valuable and essential service to the AAC.

Section Chairs

Harry Hunt, Cindi Squire, Erik Filsinger, Jeff Snyder, Joshua Brandon, Karen Zazzi, Simon Carr, Michael Kidder, Carol Kotchek, Bill Thompson, Jeremy Collins, Kammie Cuneo, Jason Luthy, Barry Rusnock, James Kunz, Ray Kopcinski, Kevin Brumbach, Nancy Savickas, Rick Merritt, Pat Gioannini, Philip Erard, Will Roth, Mark Scott, Mark Jobman, Jesse Bernier, Heidi Medema, Danny McCracken, James Pinter-Lucke, Tony Yeary, Blake Summers, Lee Jenkins, Adam Mitchell.

UIAA (Union Internationale des Associations d'Alpinisme) Commision Delegates: Youth Commission: Ralph Erenzo

Mountain Protection Commission President: Linda C. McMillan Medical Commission: James A. Litch, M.D.

Ski Mountaineering Commission: Andrew McLean

UIAA North American Honorary Vice President: James P. McCarthy

UIAA Representative for North America - OPEN

Safety Commission: Dave Custer, Mark Pilate (alternate)

Training Standards Working Group - John Bicknell

AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)

Representative: John All