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Library Collections: Serial Publications




Serial Publications—The AAC Library contains approximately 580 serials collections, including a complete set of The Geographical Journal (1893-present).  The Library participates in a journal exchange program with 130 active mountaineering clubs around the world, and holds defunct and hard-to-find journals as well.


The American Alpine Club has approximately 580 climbing magazines and climbing club periodicals from around the world.

Some, like the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society (1830-1880) and Geographical Journal (1893-2009)are historic, and some, like Alpinist (2002-2011) are considered classics-to-be.

Journals are obtained by donation or in exchange for the American Alpine Journal. If you have journals that you believe we should have, please give us a call.

Journals can be read in the library, but are not available for check-out as they are very difficult to replace. If you would like scans of articles, please read our reproduction policies and fees.

A full listing of our journals and magazines is availabe in PDF form: AAC_journals 2.pdf.