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Your Friday AAJ Reports · April 27, 2012

The American Alpine Journal never fails to satisfy your need to read about incredible ascents (or attempts) worldwide.

Smaug (ca. 5,000m)—There are 14 peaks in this area over 5,000m, and nearly all of them remain unclimbed.

Unnamed Peak (5,321m)—Dobie and his partner intended to climb an unnamed peak in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Park, but were turned back by high winds.

Bhagirathi III, The Seed of Madness—The party had planned to climb the face in a day and thus took little food, but the climb proved too exhausting to finish—they had a 52-hour marathon climb and no summit to show for it.

Candra Bhaga Group—The six-member party from Greece originally planned to cross the Chandra River on horseback, but swift currents—and the horses’ inability to travel on glaciers—prompted them to change their objective. Apparently, there are not convenient horse-crampons.

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