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Everest Avalanche & Sherpa Support Fund · April 18, 2014

Earlier today at least 12 Sherpa guides died in an avalanche on Mount Everest. In remembrance, the American Alpine Club has established the Sherpa Support Fund to lend aid and support to the families of these fallen climbers and the communities affected by this tragedy.

Visit the Sherpa Support Fund page for more information. Gifts can be given at the donate page. Make sure to select “Sherpa Support Fund.”

Read the press release.



4 Responses to “Everest Avalanche & Sherpa Support Fund”
  1. l lubonty says:

    How can I contribute in the name of Cindy Abbott?

  2. Paige says:

    Are you a 501(c3 corp? Will these deductions be tax deductible?

  3. Glen Charnoski says:

    Considering the exorbitant peak fees foreign agencies pay, and the cost associated with climbing Everest per person, then considering the millions of dollars earned by the government from these fees, I cannot help but feel resentful of the request, once again, of us foreigners to send even more money. It is up to the Nepalese to hold their government accountable for sharing this money, and for all to overcome the incredible corruption shrouding this entire country.