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In Memoriam:Layton Kor · April 22, 2013

Today we lost climbing legend and long time American Alpine Club member, Layton Kor. AAC Executive Director Phil Powers had this to say about Layton: “Layton Kor was one of the great rock pioneers of the American West. Kor attacked his climbing with passion, applying whatever skill and, when necessary, force of body and mind to get up some of the most stunning and daunting lines across the American West.”

From Jim McCarthy:”When I think of Layton, the first thing that comes up is Energy. I’ve been around climbing now for over 6 decades and have been fortunate enough to have met many of the great climbers in that span of time. Every generation someone appears with incredible drive and enthusiasm. Fritz Wiessner comes to mind. So does Galen Rowell. Layton was one of these unique people. He burst onto the scene in the late 50s like a supernova lighting up the night sky. His like comes around every once in a while. He will be missed.”
Layton passed away at the age of 74 during the night of April 21st. Read more about Layton here.

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