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Friday AAJ Reports—May 4, 2012 · May 4, 2012

The American Alpine Journal never fails to satisfy your need to read about incredible ascents (or attempts) worldwide.

Dudh Ganga Col (5,350m) and Deotoli Col (5,400m)—Mukherjee and company explored the area, which is accessible to any experienced Himalayan trekker, in hopes of encouraging mountaineers to explore the unclimbed peaks.

Junai Kangri—The party hadn’t originally planned to climb Junai Kangri, but their initally goal proved to dangerous when they encountered an impassable crevasse just past their first camp.

Exploration of the Lenak and Giabul Valleys—The author and his party (all between the ages of 70 and 73) were thrilled to find dozens of virgin peaks in an area previously unexplored—and untainted with garbage—by climbers.

“Mont Maudit”—Schaar and his partner enjoyed seven successful ascents on this expedition thanks to mild weather and good planning, but their take-away had more to do with life in general than strictly with climbing.

Raru Valley—In August, a team of nine young Swiss climbers set out to climb in the Raru Valley—they spent a month in the area and eventually determined that August was too late in the season for good conditions, but Flugi determined that one could spend an entire summer exploring the valley.

Raru Valley—Arriving shortly after the departure of the Swiss expedition, Scott’s group split into two teams, each attempting a different route on the previously unclimbed R6.

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