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Friday AAJ Reports—May 18, 2012 · May 18, 2012

The American Alpine Journal never fails to satisfy your need to read about incredible ascents (or attempts) worldwide.

Khan Tengri (6,995m)—The two climbers—who are not, according to Russian ranking lists, “alpinists,” but “hiking mountaineers”—made an unsupported assault on the peak and were lucky enough to hitch a ride home in a helicopter after their harrowing descent.

Pik Eggemenduluk (5,210m); Pik Lyell (4,864m); Pik Georgina (4,631m); Pik Annika (4,685m)—Mottram and company were back for a second go at Sarychat, after border crossings and severe weather impeded their first attempt a year earlier.

Pik Oleg (4,859m); Pik Byeliy (5,697m); Plus some other ascents and ski descents—Stres’ team planned to attempt a few unclimbed peaks, but its goal was also to allow its younger climbers to gain high-altitude mountaineering experience.

Pik Vernyi (5,250m); Cztery Pory Roku—Two years earlier, their team was sidelined by an injury; Krol and his partner picked up where they left off and were nearly successful on their second summit attempt.

First Ascents in the Oibala Range—Van der Smeede and his party were blessed with a long period of unusually good weather, allowing them to bag the first ascents of six peaks in the area, including the tallest summit in the range.

Pik 4,810m—Lavrinenko points out that while the major walls of the Karavshin have been climbed, the area still presents a number of interesting projects.

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