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Friday AAJ Reports—May 11, 2012 · May 11, 2012

The American Alpine Journal never fails to satisfy your need to read about incredible ascents (or attempts) worldwide.

Bahini Group, Tridesh (ca 5,100m), Soneri Behin (ca 5,250m), and Prabha Behin (ca 5,500m)—Payne made a number of alpine-style ascents in the area on this trip, and noted that he received valuable assistance from a number of super-helpful local mountaineering groups. (More details are at the end of his report.)

In the footsteps of John Claude White AND photography of some unclimbed peaks—The pair followed the historic expedition of John White, even shunning modern technologies in favor of compasses and contour maps. They hope to make the area seem more accessible to adventurous trekkers and help put a stop to poaching in the area.

Pik Emma (4,783m map, 4,803m GPS); Pik Laetitia (4,940m map, 4,952m GPS); Pik 5,318m—Brighton and his party’s initial goal remains unclimbed, but their alpine-style efforts didn’t go altogether unrewarded: they managed to stand atop three other peaks during their trip.

Rakhmat (5,144m); Pik 4,887m; Tushunbodum (5,081m)—Llado and Rubi amused the locals on this trip (to the same valley as Brighton) with the sometimes-ridiculous names they assigned to their routes.

Pik Alexandra (5,290m), Pik Pernille (5,190m), Pik Lea (4,950m), Pik Kathryn (4,885m)—Though the region has only been visited a handful of times, Szilas’ initially disastrous expedition was saved by a family from Moscow, who used their working satellite phone to request additional supplies for the climbers.

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