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Friday AAJ Reports—June 1, 2012 · June 1, 2012

The 2012 American Alpine Journal  is right around the corner, but for the moment, you can read some of these awesome ascents from the 2011 AAJ:

K6 Group, Changi Tower (ca 6,500m)—The approach to the Changi Tower isn’t for the faint of heart: one must either navigate a dangerous icefall or a steep, avalanche-prone gully to get to the tricky mixed climbing to its summit.

Dom Brakk (5,830m)—Neyret and his four clients experienced nearly three straight weeks of sunny weather on Neyret’s second ascent of the peak, which the group named for a woman in their party.

Fida Brakk, Jenga Spur—McCormick and his comrades named their sometimes-dicey route up the previously unclimbed Fida Brakk “Jenga Spur” for the way the route “just barely seemed to come together.” Their trip was made possible in part by the AAC’s Copp-Dash Inspire Award.

Great Trango Tower, (6,237m)—This new route on the Great Trango Tower’s northwest face was climbed by three women; they were awarded the 2011 Russian Piolet d’Or – the first time such an accolade has been bestowed on an all-female team.

Gulmit Tower (5,810m)—Kawecki and his partner’s trip to the Gulmit Tower marked the fifth attempt on the peak, which was first attempted in 1988. The pair soon discovered why no one has yet reached the top.


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