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Climber Scientist Peru Expedition Report #4 · August 2, 2012

Dr. John All sent us this report from Peru:
“Expect a more detailed report once everyone is back in the US and information can be condensed. For now, here is a summary of our 2012 work:
Ten Peaks climbed and sampled – up to 6354 m and grade D+ – (Pisco, Urus Este, Ishinca Traverse, Vallunaraju, Yanapaccha, Chopicalqui, Maparaju, San Juan, Pisco (second set of samples), Alpamayo, and Quitaraju). Nearly every member of the expedition summitted a peak – including eight (out of our sixteen members) people who had never been above 5000 meters.
We collected data in Quilcayhuanca, Cayesh, Cojup, Ishinca, Llaca, Llanganuno, and Santa Cruz valleys – six of the ten major valleys in the Park. Data acquired included hundreds of land cover and vegetation ground control points, multiple ecological plots, over one hundred snow/ice samples from the peaks, dozens of water quality samples, atmospheric and reflectance spectra for future atmospheric studies, and an archeological site.
We strengthened our connection with UNASAM – the local university – and with the National Park staff. Next year we will have several UNASAM students working on graduate degrees as part of our program. We are working with UNASAM faculty on collaborative funding proposals and hope to extend our cooperation in the future.
Overall, we accomplished our major goals of devising research protocols that will be useful for a larger expedition in 2013 and of identifying gaps in our efforts to holistically examine the environmental interactions in the Cordillera Blanca resulting from human activities and climate changes. We will expand our research efforts next year by involving additional scientists with needed expertise. We hope you will be involved as well! Thank you for your support.”
You can see many stunning photos and read posts and comments on the expedition at the Climber Scientist Peru Facebook page.
In particular, check out John and Ed’s climb of Alpamayo (Santa Cruz Valley) and the comments posted.

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