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Update on Advocacy in Washington, D.C.

I wanted to share a brief update on the AAC’s advocacy work in Washington, DC in early April. We teamed up with our friends at the Access Fund to visit key policymakers and advocate on behalf of American climbers. On the congressional side, we met with legislative staff from W. VA, ID, NV, and CO. We also met with top officials of the federal agencies. Overall, it was highly productive at nurturing key relationships and establishing new ones, keeping climbing issues on the radar of influential policymakers and educating policymakers about the sport of climbing and the interests of climbers. We continued to advocate for climbing as a legitimate use of Wilderness and to allow some discrete level of fixed anchors (no power drills of course) in Wilderness. We are hopeful to have the first formalized policy on Wilderness climbing in National Parks later this year.

Leigh GoldbergConservation & Advocacy Director

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