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AAC to Digitize 100 Years of Publications · January 29, 2013

The AAC, with help from the Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), plans to digitize 100 years of publications from the Accidents in North American MountaineeringAmerican Alpine Club Journal and its early predecessor Alpina Americana.

Read more about the process and when to expect its completion.


The AAC’s Top 10 Achievements in Conservation and Advocacy in 2012 · January 29, 2013

“The AAC just received a Golden Piton Award from Climbing Magazine for bringing climbers together as a Community Developer. I believe a lot of the work our members did to conserve climbing areas, improve infrastructure at local crags, and advocate for initiatives climbers care about were a huge contribution to winning this award.” -Leigh Goldberg, AAC Conservation & Advocacy Director.

Head to our blog Inclined for The AAC’s Top 10 Achievement’s for Conservation and Advocacy in 2012.

AAC Grant Writing Tips · January 23, 2013

Thinking about applying for The Live Your Dream Grant? Great! Before you do, read over the AAC’s Grant Committees’ tips on how to produce a strong grant proposal.

Ready to apply? You can visit our grant page here.

AAC Awarded 2013 Golden Piton Award · January 21, 2013

AAC’s Work as “Community Developer” Acclaimed in Climbing Magazine 

The American Alpine Club (AAC) is a proud recipient of a 2013 Golden Piton Award for its service to the climbing community. Named the year’s “Community Developer” in the February 2013 issue of Climbing magazine, the award recognizes several recent triumphs that have benefitted Club members and the community at large.

Read more

AAC Awarded Golden Civic Foundation Grant · January 18, 2013

The AAC is excited to announce that we were awarded an $1,800 grant from The Golden Civic Foundation to provide online access to Accidents in North American Mountaineering.

Accidents in North American Mountaineering has been published since 1948, and this project marks the first time it will be fully available in electronic form.

American Climber Science Program Speaker Series · January 17, 2013

The American Climber Science Program works to link scientists and climbers to help provide the knowledge necessary to preserve the alpine environment.

Find out if ACSP will be speaking in your region. To find out more about ACSP visit their media page.


Limited Edition Hueco Tanks Tee · January 16, 2013

New in the AAC Online Store, limited signature edition, first in the series Hueco Rock Tees. 10% of each shirt sold will help fund the Live Your Dream grant.

Go here to apply for the 2013 Live Your Dream Grant or here to visit our online store.

Fall 2012 Mountaineering Fellowship Grant Recipients · January 13, 2013

Zach Clanton (24), $700 from REI Challenge Fund for a new route and full traverse of Dragon’s Spine

James Gustafson (19), $700 from John Hudson Fund for an ascent up Cassin Ridge, Denali.

Sam Hennessey (23), $700 from Boyd Everett Fund for new routes on Thunder Mountain and Mt. Providence, Alaska.

David Hertel (24) $300 each from Rick Mosher Fund for exploring new routes in Chilkat Range, Alaska, and hiking and canoeing out.

Trevor Kreznar (23), $300 from Rick Mosher Fund for an ascent of Harvard Route on Huntington.

Kirill Langer (20), $300 for exploring Columbia Icefield peaks such as Mt. Andromeda and Mt. Kitchner.

Ryan Leary (25), $700 from REI Challenge Fund for exploring new routes and possible first ascents on Leaning Towers, Purcell Mountains, BC.

David Lee (19), $300 for exploring Columbia Icefield peaks such as Mt. Andromeda and Mt. Kitchner.

Miles Moser (24), $700 from REI Challenge Fund to explore North, Central, and South towers of Paine over four months.

Cade Ray (17), $150 for gaining climbing experience in RMNP, Tetons, and Banff.

Kurt Ross (21), $300 for exploring Columbia Icefield peaks such as Mt. Andromeda and Mt. Kitchner.


Committee: Yvon Chouinard, Eiichi Fukushima (Chair), James Funsten, Kestrel Hanson, Joe LaBelle, Pete Metcalf, Travis Spitzer, Geoff Tabin.

AAC to Host 2013 Hueco Rock Rodeo · January 9, 2013

The Hueco Rock Rodeo brings together climbers of all abilities for a weekend full of climbing and camaraderie in the world class bouldering destination of Hueco Tanks. The American Alpine Club is very happy to be a part of the 20th Hueco Rock Rodeo hosting the event at our newly purchased Hueco Rock Ranch.

Read the full press release or go to huecorodeo.com for more information on the event and how to attend.













AAC Regional News · January 9, 2013

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