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2013 Accidents and 2013 Guidebook to Membership are here! · July 11, 2013

Accidents and GTM

We’re excited this month to offer you early digital access to the brand new 2013 Guidebook To Membership and 2013 Accidents in North American Mountaineering!

For AAC members just log-in, then visit your Member Profile to start reading for free.

If you’re not a member, join today or purchase Accidents in our online store. Non-members can access the Guidebook for free!

AAC members, The 2013 editions of the AAJ and Accidents are at the printer and will soon be at your doorstep. If your address has changed since the arrival of last year’s publications, you have until July 31 to update our database. Vist your Member Profile to update your address.


One Response to “2013 Accidents and 2013 Guidebook to Membership are here!”
  1. Funny finding this here. I have been dating the first girl I met at orientation for almost a year and my viewpoint on our relationship is becoming more odious as the summer goes on. I don’t believe she has my best interest in her mind, plus she cheated on me. I know she loves me and I do love her but I think I need a change in my life. I have few to no good friends who are climbers. I spent the first half of the summer worried about drugs and alcohol and I’m reaching a point where I’m fed up with it all. I’m not 21 yet and I’m going to wait until that day to sip another brew. I recently learned that I lost my scholarship to NAU and now I’m living in sunny-side Flagstaff working at the pharmacy at Wal-Mart. Not my idea of a perfect life, but it’s what I’ve got going for me now. I also just returned to the flagstaff climbing gym for the first time in months. It’s something I’ve known I need to do (since all the work I put in at the school’s climbing wall and in the introductory climbing classes was somewhat wasted) and with joining the gym I hope to meet some awesome people and climbing partners. I also wish to get back into the groove and get back to climbing V 4 and 5.11’s and get even better

    As of now I don’t feel like I’m being very smart with my time and now that I’m in between school and reality I would like to focus on advancing my skills, having new experiences, making meaningful relationships and getting involved with the climbing community here in Flag.