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Corey Rich On Donating His Images to the Club · July 10, 2012

Corey Rich of Aurora Photos (a frequent contributor to many of our projects) wrote a nice piece on his website about the Club and why he donates. Thank you, Corey! Read Corey’s piece.

UIAA Safety Commission Issues Warning About Anchors in Marine Environments · July 9, 2012

As the sole American organization that’s a member of the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (the UIAA), the Club often receives communications of relevance. This week, the UIAA contacted us with an update on the  issue of environmental degradation of anchors caused both by general corrosion as well as chloride stress corrosion cracking.

Going climbing somewhere near the ocean? Give this report a read and see if you’re in a safe place!

Storytellers: Peter Mortimer & Nick Rosen of Sender Films · July 9, 2012

Through in-depth documentary films, riveting television series and cutting-edge commercials, the Boulder-based production company Sender Films has managed to capture the heart and soul of climbing and made dirt-bags heroes in the eyes of a broad general audience. Read more of this story on Inclined

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Erik Eisele Heads to Peru on Live Your Dream Grant · July 5, 2012

This year is the first that we’ve awarded Live Your Dream Grants—locally administered grants designed to help support climbers from a range of ages and experience levels, as well as a range of climbing disciplines (sport climbing, bouldering, traditional rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, etc.). The emphasis of the grants is on projects that have significant positive impact on grantees’ progressions as climbers. We’ve been getting in contact with all the winners, from around the country to talk about their planned trips, their motivations, and their feelings about the Club.

New Hampshire’s Erik Eisele got in touch with us from Yosemite just before he left to attempt a new line in Peru. Read about it on Inclined.

Region and Section Page Redesign Launched! · July 4, 2012

We’ve spent the last couple of months redesigning the website to make the Regions and Sections that comprise the American Alpine Club more clear. If you’d like to browse the new pages, start by checking out the Regions Landing Page.

If you’d like to jump right to your Section, take a look at the menu on the top of americanalpineclub.org. If you mouse-over the Community option, you’ll see that instead of Sections & Chapters, there’s a new item called Regions. There’s a whole cascade of options beneath that will allow you to visit any local page you desire (check out the screenshot below to see what we mean).

Each Region and Section page has a feed at the top of the page that pulls content specific to that area from our blog, Inclined. Each Region and each Section has its own category that identifies a blog post as belonging to that part of the country.

Let us know what you think! This is your Club, and if something isn’t working for you on the website, we’d like your feedback so we can improve it.

New Regions and Sections Menu for Homepage

Expedition Yoga with Olivia Hsu-Richards · July 3, 2012

“A friend once lamented to me about not being able to practice yoga on expeditions. It certainly is more challenging due to uneven ground and being exposed to the elements. However, yoga is perfect for the days on end spent at base camp. Yes the ground is bumpy and the air is thin and cold, but yoga can help make the acclimatization process more palatable. It will improve your circulation, get your blood flowing and allow you to find fuller deeper breathing…” Read more, and check out some great pics from Rowell Award Winner Cory Richards.

Protect Your Local Crags—Cornerstone Crag Conservation Grants · July 1, 2012

Last year we started a new grant program that delivers $25,000 a year to locally developed crag conservation projects. It’s called the Cornerstone Grant, and, frankly, we think it’s awesome. We hope you do too! The first eight recipients sure did.

This year, we’re looking for even more applications so we can be sure we’re putting our members’ money in the best places possible!

Does your local climbing area need a little TLC? Apply now. The application deadline for 2012 is August 15.

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