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Emily Harrington’s Everest Lessons · July 31, 2012

AAC Member Emily Harrington: “Mount Everest isn’t supposed to be a difficult mountain to climb. “Climbing” is often not even used to describe the act of reaching the summit of the world’s tallest peak. “It’s just walking. It’s not hard.” was something I’d often heard through the years. Growing up in the climbing community gave me a unique and opinionated perspective toward a place I’d never even visited or bothered to learn about. When non-climbers asked me if I ever dreamed of climbing Everest, I would snidely reply “Um, no. That’s not the kind of climbing I do.””

Read the rest of the story on Inclined, the blog of the AAC.

Welcome Our New Sierra Nevada Section Chair · July 31, 2012

From Western Regional Coordinator Jeff Deikis: Let’s all extend a warm thank you and a high-five to Sierra Nevada Section member Karen Zazzi for stepping up as the new Section Chair. Karen is excited and ambitious to not only continue with the traditional annual events of the Section, but to develop and expand the Section’s reach–continuing to make the Sierra Nevada the best Section in the AAC!  She is taking over from former Chair Lewis Richards who had to step down after acquiring a new job requiring lots of travel. Thank you Lewis for all your hard work and dedicated service to the American Alpine Club and the Sierra Nevada Section!

Read more about Karen on Inclined

Dougald MacDonald to Head American Alpine Club Publications · July 30, 2012

he American Alpine Club (AAC) has hired Dougald MacDonald to spearhead AAC publications as the organization’s first Executive Editor. The announcement marks another milestone in the Club’s ambitious Five-year Plan.

The Executive Editor will infuse digital life into the AAC and its publications—starting with the Club’s beloved flagship annuals: the American Alpine Journal (AAJ) and Accidents in North American Mountaineering (Accidents).

In Memoriam: Eric Metcalf · July 27, 2012

Sadly, 19-year-old climber Eric Metcalf was killed in a climbing accident a few weeks ago. His brother contacted us through Southern Appalachian Section Chair David Thoenen to let us know that he wanted to make donations to the Club through album sales in honor of his brother’s passing.

From basscausality.bandcamp.com: “This is a tribute to Eric Metcalf, my brother and best friend. Eric died in a rock climbing accident on July 8th, 2012. All of the proceeds from this short EP will go to the AAC (American Alpine Club). The AAC is an organization supporting climbing safety through the use of accident publications; these publications allow climbers to learn from others’ mistakes to prevent future accidents. The AAC is also heavily active in environmental conservation and awareness, something Eric cared deeply about.”

Check it out.

Abbey Smith on the Hueco Rock Ranch Celebration · July 26, 2012

AAC friend Abbey Smith wrote to us in response to our One Day Member Drive to Celebrate the Hueco Rock Ranch:

“When I think of “home” I think of the Hueco Rock Ranch. The place of peace, where I am whole. Desert sunshine. Majestic boulders. Starry nights. Blissful solitude. The place where I struggle, learn, grow and connect with myself, friends and nature. The memories here follow me. Breaking my boundaries on highballs. Dancing by bonfires. Claiming the Texas Hold’em poker pot. Prolific family feasts. Lots of laughter. This place is my whole world complete. Thanks to the American Alpine Club and the Access Fund, the Hueco Rock Ranch continues to remain. The place where my heart will stay.”

Help us. Support the Club’s efforts by Joining or Renewing TODAY!

Celebrate the Hueco Rock Ranch by Joining the AAC

Take the Survey, Win a Benefit Rope! · July 21, 2012

Last year hundreds of climbers asked us to provide better digital climbing resources. We’re well on our way to making that happen, and we just need a little more input from you, our users.

This survey on Digital Publications should only take you about five minutes to complete. Not only will your answers improve the programs that you enjoy, but you’ll also have a shot at winning a 60-meter Sterling/AAC Benefit Rope!

Let’s get started!

We Need a Conservation & Advocacy Intern · July 18, 2012

The Conservation & Advocacy Intern will support the Clubs domestic and international climbing policy initiatives as well as conservation grants program. While intern missions vary from day to day, the AAC gives interns the freedom to design work plans that support both the Club and their future aspirations.

Interns must work from AAC Headquarters in Golden, CO and commit 20 hours/week for four to six months. The Conservation & Advocacy Intern receives a stipend of $200/month and/or college credit.

Applications accepted year-round. Please email a cover letter and resume to Conservation & Advocacy Director Leigh Goldberg.

Choss Boss Returns! · July 17, 2012

Who is the Choss Boss? One who has wrested social media glory from the chossy stones of the mountain! No, not really. What it means is that you’ve submitted a photo to the Choss Boss contest and gotten the most “Likes” on Facebook. Read the full rules, see this week’s submission theme,  and see previous winners on the Choss Boss page.

Hueco Rock Ranch on…Everything! · July 16, 2012

We just wanted to thank everyone  for helping us to spread the great news about our purchase of the Hueco Rock Ranch! Many of our Media Partners, Industry Partners, friends, and the climbing community in general have all expressed a lot of excitement about this historic purchase over the weekend.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible and stay tuned for updates on our progress at the Ranch… That raises a question, doesn’t it? We used to just have the Grand Teton Climbers’ Ranch, but now we have the GTCR, the Hueco Ranch, and this fall, the New River Gorge Campground will be open for business too!

We’ll need nicknames for all of them.

How Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou Makes Kids into Elite Climbers · July 16, 2012

Renowned climber Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou has fine-tuned her methods over two decades and developed a complex curriculum that’s shaping the youth generation into elite all-arounders. And now this colony of kids just got their own plastic kingdom in Boulder, Colorado. ABC Kids Climbing is a 7,200 square foot custom-built climbing gym designated for 2-19 year olds. Read more on Inclined


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