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Northwest Region Live Your Dream Grant Winners · June 13, 2012

The Northwest Region of the American Alpine Club is pleased to announce the winners of the first Live Your Dream Grant. The grant—new this year—was born from the idea that the most important climbs are our own. It funds individuals or small teams in the pursuit of their climbing dreams. The Live Your Dream grants provide seed money to climbers—of all disciplines, ages, and abilities—who have ambitions to expand their climbing horizons.

The five grant winning teams from the Northwest Region plan trips to Alaska, the Tetons, British Columbia, and Montana with goals of establishing new bouldering areas, alpine rock climbing, and light & fast ascents of classic alpine routes…Read the press release for all the details.

Our Members: Headin’ to Peru · June 12, 2012

This week, American Alpine Club members Paige Claassen, Abbey Smith, Mick Follari, Andy Mann, and Alex Gilbert travel to Peru. Former AAC Board Member Pete Takeda is coordinating the trip with Marmot Mountain, Ltd. as sponsor. Says Takeda, “The Cordillera Blanca is a fantastic place to climb. We hope to discover some untapped gems.” The team plans a “full spectrum” climbing trip with plans for the establishment of a high alpine bouldering field, as well as ascents of some of the many 5,000 and 6,000 meter peaks… Read more on Inclined.

Horse Logging Pics · June 11, 2012

Thanks to Julia Statler for this great shot of the horse loggers at work on the New River Gorge Campground. Read a little more about the Horse Loggers in this AAC News post from earlier today.

Horse Loggers on the AAC New River Gorge Campground

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What’s a Horse Logger Anyway? · June 11, 2012

We’re using horse loggers to keep our eco footprint friendly at the New River Gorge Campground. What’s a horse logger? Find out more in the local West Virginia newspaper that interviewed them.

Behind the Closed Doors of the AAC Library · June 11, 2012

Brendan Leonard, also known as Semi-Rad, a contributor to our friends at Adventure Journal, and the author of many a post on his own blog, uses the AAC Library frequently for research—both for work and for play. He recently spent some time in the Library composing this ode to our collection. Read it on adventure-journal.com.

Our Members: Josh Beckner · June 11, 2012

Josh Beckner is a former Lyman Spitzer winnerNOLS instructor, Exum guide, and member of the American Alpine Club. These days Beckner runs the School for International Expedition Training (SIET).

SIET offers a unique approach to the complex game of expedition climbing by providing “cutting edge training for aspiring mountaineers who plan to… lead their own expeditions or become instructors.” As such, the school’s curriculum is informed by professional certification and Beckner’s 15 international expeditions to nine countries. SIET is growing it’s scholarships and accreditation programs.

AAC members can take advantage of some of SIET’s programs with special, AAC member scholarships. Read more on Inclined.

Writers’ Workshop Application Deadlines Approaching · June 11, 2012

Write about the wilderness or climbing? Some of our members—including Past President Steve Swenson and Alpinist Editor in Chief Katie Ives—have attended this writers’ workshop in Banff before and loved it!  As they say on their website: “In this unique residency program, six writers delve into their own writing projects (essay, memoir, biography, feature article, poetry, or work of fiction) on a topic in the area of mountain or wilderness culture. This includes writing with a focus on adventure, history, or the environment.”

So apply now, the deadline is June 15.

Friday AAJ Reports—June 8, 2012 · June 8, 2012

Your weekly Friday dose of the AAJ Online, fresh from the source. Excited about the upcoming 2012 AAJ yet? There’s a whole new department that’ll showcase…somewhere <wink>. Here’s your Friday:

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The Horse-Loggers Are Here! · June 5, 2012

In an attempt to keep our footprint green at the New River Gorge Campground, we’re using horse-powered loggers for tree felling. Check out the pics.

Kids Crushin’ It · June 5, 2012

Before learning to drive, youngsters are using their tiny hands and feet, high strength-to-weight ratio, natural elasticity, wild imagination, boundless courage and pure excitement to find unconventional holds and sequences to climb some of the hardest routes in the world. I picked a few of my favorites…read the rest of this short, musing piece on Inclined.

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