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The 2012 Bates Award Goes To… · April 26, 2012

Kyle Dempster! We talked to Kyle a little bit after presenting him with the Robert Hicks Bates Award in Salt Lake City last month. Read it on Inclined.

Southwest Live Your Dream Grants Deadline May 1 · April 26, 2012

Live in the Southwest? This brand-new, locally administered grant program supports climbers in realizing their dreams—whatever those dreams might be! So Dream Big this weekend and fill out your application. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Read more about the Live Your Dream Grants…

$$$ For Todd Gordon Ranch · April 26, 2012

The Southwest Section was out this past weekend helping raise money to repair the Todd Gordon Ranch in J-Tree. Check out the pics on Facebook.

Huntley Ingalls In the Library · April 26, 2012

Huntley Ingalls—of multiple desert tower first ascent fame, among other things—visited us in the Library today to drop off some slides for scanning! Stay tuned for what we do with them. Check it on Facebook.

Our Volunteers: Larry Newlin · April 26, 2012

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Club. From helping us at events, organizing trail days, and offering much needed support to the staff to spending countless hours in the Library cataloging and preserving our shared climbing legacy, they’re the ones that make it happen! Larry Newlin, a super-active volunteer from Denver wrote to us about some of his favorite things…Read more on Inclined.

A Heroic, Almost Nordic Send-off for the Old Snowbird Hut · April 26, 2012

When the Alaska Section of the Club kept emailing us all these cool shots of the new Snowbird Hut they’d been building, they didn’t tell us they were gonna burn the old one! [From our friends at Cascade Climbers.]

New Climbing Gym Partner · April 26, 2012

We just added a new Climbing Gym Partner to the list. Davis, CA’s Rocknasium. Check out your member discount at Rocknasium.

Been to the GTCR? · April 26, 2012

Here at the Club, we refer to the Grand Teton Climbers’ Ranch as the GTCR, because much like NASA, we’re all about the acronyms. We just redesigned the GTCR pages to make them easier for you to navigate, make reservations, or just learn about the ranch.

Breaking Ground on New River Gorge Campground · April 25, 2012

We’re breaking ground on our newest lodging location this year. A climbers’ campground within walking distance of the New River Gorge? Yes, please! Read the details, and check out the map.

We’ve Updated Our Web Navigation—Lodging · April 25, 2012

Want to find a cheap place to stay? AAC members get discounts worldwide. We just updated the navigation in the lodging section of our website, and we’re betting that you’ll like it. Either visit the homepage at americanalpineclub.org and mouse-over “Benefits” to see the new menu, or just visit the new Lodging Network page. Let us know what you think!

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