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2012 International Climbers Meet Recap · November 9, 2012

Julie Ellison, from Climbing Magazine, recently wrote a report recapping her experience at the AAC’s 2012 International Climber’s Meet.

“Imagine being in a stunningly beautiful and ultra-classic climbing area at the most perfect time of year, camping in a secluded campground, climbing four-star routes with 50 of the most rad people you’ll ever meet from across the globe, chilling by a fire every night with a cold PBR in hand, and three ridiculously delicious meals a day served piping hot right in front of you. (As one person said insightfully, “the only climbing trip you’ll ever gain weight on.”) Sounds nice, huh? That’s the essence of the American Alpine Club’s International Climbers Meet, an event held every year in Yosemite to foster relations between the AAC and international Alpine Clubs…(Read More)”

You can also find short reports from the event on our blog, Inclined.













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