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Rocky Mountain Region Recipients

Joe Sambataro ($900) will travel to the Waddington Range to attempt the 2nd ascent of the McNerthney Pillar, the Bravo Glacier route, and explore new route potential. Joe is the very committed Access Director at the Access Fund, and his passion to push himself climbing feeds his desire to give back so substantially -- his application reflected that commitment, as well as his strong desire to push his climbing to the next level.

Marshal Hoda ($800) will travel to the Daxue Shan range in China, a largely unexplored mountain range with great potential for route development. Marshal is hugely inspired by adventure and the idea of exploring untraveled terrain. His trip proposal reflects this and the impact such a trip could have on him as a climber is evident.

Jeff Golden ($400) will climb Liberty Ridge on Mt. Rainer, fulfilling a long term climbing dream as well as honoring the memory of a great friend and climbing partner. In addition to completing a shared climbing dream, Liberty Ridge will push Jeff’s mountaineering skills to the next level.

Rob Dillon ($300) will travel to the Mt. Chamberlin/Hitchcock Lake region near Mt. Whitney to seek out new rock climbs and adventure. Rob's career has been dedicated to educating others in the outdoors -- his trip proposal highlights long held climbing dreams and reflects humorously on exploring the unknown, “while he still has the knees for it”.