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Northeast Recipients
AAC Northeast Live Your Dream Grant, Spring 2014 awards:

Daniel Chen, from Medford, Massachusetts, with his partner Ryan Mateyko to climb Mt. Rainier via the Liberty Ridge. Dan and Ryan have been climbing partners since meeting at the Boston Rock Gym in 2008. Together they have developed their climbing skills among the crags, boulders, and mountains of New England. They are ready to take their experiences out west and meet the challenge of their dream climb: a classic, technical route on Mt. Rainier. Dan and Ryan will complete a photo journal and trip report from their experience, hoping to share their story of two self-described weekend warriors who started in a gym and through dedication and strong partnership, have reached a level of climbing challenging routes in the big mountains. ($700)

Brandon Martin, from Amesbury, Massachusetts, to attempt new routes in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. Brandon’s dream is to find an independent unclimbed line and see it through to establishing a new route. He’s identified an under-explored area of the Sawtooths and he’s going to spend a trip there this summer focusing on reaching this next level of his climbing experience. Brandon will share his experience via a photo essay and a short web video. ($700)

Hanna Lucy, from Intervale, New Hampshire, with her partner Alexa Siegel, to climb the Regular Route on Half Dome in a day. Hanna and Alexa share a dream of becoming competent, well-rounded climbers. They have spent their years out of college dedicated to building their skills in New England and they are ready to step up to the next level of the long, committing routes of Yosemite Valley. Hanna and Alexa will share their experience via a photo essay that focuses on their friendship and love of climbing. ($1,000)

Zeb Engberg, from Hanover, New Hampshire, to climb the Cassin Ridge on Denali. Zeb began climbing by following his father up the slabs on Cannon Cliff. By the time he was a teenager, he had become a stand-out in the world of sport climbing, bouldering, and competition climbing. Over the past six years, Zeb has shifted his focus to ice climbing, alpine climbing, and big wall climbing. Zeb describes the Cassin Ridge as a culminating experience, a chance to use all the skills he has been building. Zeb will document his adventure by writing an article in conjunction with a photo essay. ($1,200)

Griffin Biedron, from Burlington, Vermont, with partners Gregory Deutsch and Lincoln Heath, to accomplish a human-powered link-up of three classic climbs in the White Mountains of New Hampshire: Recompense on Cathedral Ledge, the Whitney Gilman on Cannon Cliff, and Pinnacle Buttress on Mt. Washington. They will attempt to link these three routes together entirely via human power—by biking, hiking, and canoeing between objectives—and finish at their starting point within 48 hours. This project represents Griffin’s dream of pushing his multi-pitch climbing skills and physical endurance with a big adventure among his home mountains. The Live Your Dream grant will help cover bike and canoe rental costs for their New England adventure. ($200)