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Western Region
David Allfrey and Skiy Detray have set their sights on establishing a direct, new route up the East Face of the Mooses's Tooth in the Ruth Glacier/Buckskin Glacier Region of Alaska. The Moose's Tooth has long been one of the major Alpine big wall objectives in the region--first climbed in 1981 by Jim Bridwell and Mugs Stump in alpine style. Their proposed route will require all disciplines of climbing; a true alpine ascent that will require both of their diverse skill sets to move rock and ice conditions including difficult snow and ice, as well as hard free and aid climbing. ($1,000)

Brian Biancardi and Shannon Morris seek to link the Sierra Nevada's Evolution Traverse with the Thunderbolt Peak to Mt. Sill Traverse in a single push while running the trails in-between from start to finish. This objective, a combination of ultra-marathoning and high altitude alpine climbing, will tackle nine 13,000 ft peaks, five 14,000 ft peaks, and an estimated 83 miles of trail running at altitude all without stopping. To their knowledge these two traverses have never been linked up before, let alone in a single push. ($500)

Alison Feinberg and Nate Greenberg dream of climbing the remote and ultra-classic Lotus Tower Flower, Grade V, 5.11-, in the Cirque of the Unclimbables in Canada's Northwest Territories. Experienced Sierra Nevada and Teton Range climbers, Ali and Nate will apply their skills to the physical demands of climbing 19 committing pitches, dealing with the objective hazards of mountain wilderness and weather, and overcoming the logistical challenges of the remote location. ($500)

Laura Henn and Cady Watts have long dreamed of building their outdoor trad climbing experience through a shared ascent of The Ultimate Everything on the Squamish Chief in British Columbia. This route will challenge both of their personal limits through ten pitches of climbing involving a variety of techniques including slab, crack, and face climbing. ($500)

Michelle Kinny is looking to develop her skills and transition from a gym climber to an outdoor climber; her dream is embark on a journey that combines climbing skill development, exposure to new cultures, and community service. While traveling to South America, Michelle will build her outdoor lead climbing skills in Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru. Additionally, she will be volunteering in Santa Marta, Columbia with Fundacion Mariposas Amarillas; in Cumbaya, Ecuador through FEVI Ecuador; and in Huaraz, Peru with Seeds of Hope. ($500)

Paul Koubek and Breezy Jackson are Yosemite climbers. Their climbing careers have progressed from big wall novices to Valley veterans. Now they both dream of climbing in the greater ranges and have ultimate classic goals of “Ham and Eggs," and “Shaken, Not Stirred" in the Ruth Gorge of Alaska. However, neither Paul nor Breezy know how to climb ice. To reach their ultimate climbing goals they seek to develop these skills in Ouray during a two-week ice climbing trip with an ultimate trip goal of ascending Gold Rush (WI4) and Stairway To Heaven (WI4). ($500)

Ryan Leary, Matthew Morriss, and Jack Lazar seek to take significant steps forward in their climbing careers through a trip to the Fitz Roy Massif in Patagonia. Their specific goals include the Whillans-Cochrane on Aguja Poincenot, the Amy-Vidailhet on Aguja Guillamet, the Argentina route on Aguja Mermoz, and El Zorro on El Mojon Rojo. The enormous scale of the Fitz Roy and the degree to which rock, ice, snow, and mixed climbing are integrated will represent a new field of challenges for these experienced climbers. ($500)

Brad Lipovsky and Jason Blauch will travel to the Alaska Range to climb in Little Switzerland. Specifically they seek to attempt the Middle Troll of South Face (Grade III 5.8), The Lost Marsupial on The Throne (Grade III 5.8), and the Gargoyle Buttress (Grade IV 5.10a). These climbs represent a first step into alpine climbing where logistics, weather patterns, ground conditions, and route finding will play a central role. This trip is a learning opportunity and a stepping stone towards their ultimate goal of climbing the Cassin Ridge of Denali. ($500)

McKenzie Long and Luke Lydiard seek to advance their skills as alpinists and increase their mountaineering experience through a series of ascents in the Alaska Range based around the Kahiltna Glacier. Their specific goals include the Southwest Ridge of Mt. Frances (IV, 5.8, 60-degree snow), the West Face of Kahiltna Queen (IV, 60-degree ice and snow), the North Couloir of Mini-Moonflower (IV, 85-degree ice), and the West Ridge of Mount Hunter (IV, 5.8, AI 3). Through increasing their alpine experience they hope to one day tackle the Cassin Ridge of Denali. ($500)