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The following individuals received Research Grants in 2013:

Eric Ladd ($1,000) – Assessing the 6-Minute Walk Test, Hydration Status, and How It Correlates with Acute Mountain Sickness and Summit Success on Denali.

Scott Macintosh ($1,000) – Epinephrine and Freezing Temperatures.

Ian Hoyer ($1000) Ian Hoyer ($1000) – Spatial Variability of Snowpack Fracture Propagation Propensity.

Jason Williams – Effect of Glaciers on Chemistry of Mountain Lakes in the North Cascades Park Complex.

Aleya Littleton –  Trauma Informed Rock Climbing and the Treatment of Female Trauma Survivors
AAC member.

R L Putnam Fund:

Meagan Oldfather – Demographic Stability in California Floristic Providence Alpine Environments.

Elli Theobald – Life at the Limit: The Impact of Climate Change on Plants and Their Pollinators.

Jennifer Wilkening  – Interpreting Impacts of Physiologocal Stress on Survival in Sentinel Alpine Species, the American Pika.

Robert Semborski – Dust and Black Carbon Deposits from Anthropogenic Sources in the Snowpack of Glaciers in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru. 

Christopher Serenari – The Local Effects of Private Protected Area Ecotourism: Neoliberal Conservation and Alternative Development in Chilean Patagonia.