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The following individuals received Research Grants in 2008:

Ben Gross: Investigating the initial migration of humans in South America through glacial geology, geoarchaeology, and ice cores.

Dale Wagner: A study of Arterial Oxygen Saturation as a Predictor of Next-Day Acute Mountain Sickness or Summit Success.

Grant Elliot: A study of Multi-Scale Influences of Climate Change on Upper Treeline Dynamics in the Rocky Mountains, USA.

Greg De Pascale: Glacier Ice Volume Loss in the Palisade Basin: Mapping Glacial Retreat from 1890’s to 2008 in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California.

Jason Dortch: Has glacial incision during the last 4 million years controlled the uplift of 23,000 ft peaks in the Ladakh Range, northwest Indian Himalaya?

Jeff Benowitz: The uplift history of the central Alaska Range: Climatic and Denali Fault Implications.

Jon Kedrowski: Climber’s Perceptions on Mount Rainier: Measuring Crowding Issues, Challenges, and Success.

Julie Crawford: Multi-scale Investigations of Alpine Vascular Plant Species in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, USA GLORIA Target Region.

Julie Fosdick: Evaluating the role of late Cenozoic glaciation in the physiographic development of the Torres del Paine region of the southern Patagonian Andes.

Michelle McCrackin: Effects of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition on Alpine Lakes.

Paul Egan: The ecology and conservational status of the Meconopsis genus, and its cultural significance, in Langtang National Park, Nepal.

Nathan Malcomb: Long-term, tree-ring based productivity estimates of coastal forests along the Northwestern Cordillera of North America.