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The following individuals received Research Grants in 2005:

Tish Prouse: Exploration and excavation of iron-age nomadic populations of the Tien Shan.

Teresa Chuang: Shifts of species ranges in response to climate change. Case study in the Sierra.

Nicole Davis: Timing and style of glaciation in semi-arid, westerlies-dominated Tibet: a test for synchroneity with the northern hemisphere ice sheets.

Marc Beverly: Effect of force vector angles on anchor points when using a pre-equalized anchoring system.

Jason Dortch: Quantifying the timing of glaciation on the northern slopes of the Alaska range in order to understand paleoclimactic fluctuations.

Doug Benn: Ngozumpa Cave Research Project.

David Zurick: Mapping historical explorations in the western Himalaya using modern digital cartography techniques.

Clint Rogers: The persistence of substinence trade in  the Tibet-Nepal borderlands.