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The following individuals received Mountaineering Fellowship Grants in 2001:

Lynnea Anderson: Read Lynnea's report on the FA of a Grade V crack route in the Quisma Cruz Range, Bolivian Andes.

Tim Ciosek: South ridge/face of Kichatna Spire, Alaska.

Patience Donahue: Free route on the Minarette of the Howser Tower Massif, South Tower.

Aaron Hjelt: Single push climb of the 'Buhler Route' on University Peak, St. Elias National Park.

William Linkroun: Unclimbed northeast ridge of an unnamed peak in the Hindu Raj, Pakistan.

Zack Martin: Zack and partner Sven Krebs pioneered an amazing new limestone route in a region of Mexico near Monterrey. Zack also provided the details of the third ascent of Cobra Pillar on Mount Barrille in the Alaska Range, Alaska (fall).

Tom Sardy and Zach Schlosar: Ascent of the Rooster Comb, Alaska Range, between the two southern ridges.

Mikey Schaefer: New routes in Pier Giorgio region of Patagonia. (fall and spring)

Dylan Taylor: Alpine-style ascent of new route on Pier Giorgio, Fitz Roy, Patagonia.

Matt Walker: New wall route on Mt. Dickey and exploratory climbs in the Ruth Gorge.

Zack Smith and Aaron Martin: First ascent in the Bugaboos’ Howser area and exploration of the Selkirk Range (spring). Aaron wrote a short report on some incredible Bugaboo solo climbing he did while waiting for his partner to arrive. Check it out!

Zack Smith: First ascent of east face of Cerro Catillo, Patagonia (fall). 

Pete Dronkers: Exploratory climbing on Ellesmere Island, Canadian Artic.

Brian McMahon and Josh Wharton: First ascent attempt of The Flame Spire, Trango Group, Pakistan Karakoram.

Freddie Wilkinson and Bartholomew Paull: Single push second ascent of Mt. Huntington’s Phantom Wall, Alaska.