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The following individuals received Mountaineering Fellowship Grants in 2004:

Jed Brown and Kevin Wright: New route attempt on the west face of Mt. Hayes, Alaska.

Gabriel Coler: Attempt the second ascent of the east face of University Peak, Alaska.

Peter Dronkers: Exploratory climbing in Stewart Valley, Baffin Island.

Ryan Nelson: Free or free-aid style attempt of Mt. Dickey's southeast face and other objectives in Ruth Gorge, Alaska. 

Lynnea Anderson: Exploratory climbing on Qaarsorsuaq Island, Greenland.

Jeff Phillippe and Bret Sarnquist: Second ascent of 'Belligerence', Mt. Combatant. First ascent of southwest spur, Mt. Asperity, Waddington Range, Canada.

Cory Nauman, Kevin Erwin and Robert Johnson: New route on Parrot Beak Peak, Cirque of the Unclimbables—raft out.

Freddie Wilkinson: North face of Kalanka, India.

Janet Bergman and Sarah Garlick: Cordillera Blanca, Paron Valley, Peru.

Jarrett Tishmark: Direct West Wall, Mercedario, Argentina.