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The following individuals received Mountaineering Fellowship Grants in 2003:

Roy Leggett and Mike Soucy: Three weeks climbing in the Arrigetch Mountains of the Brooks Range. We will be placing a strong emphasis on single push, all free attempts of new routes. (spring)

Roy Leggett and Andrew Johnson: New route on the west face of Mt. Huntington, Ruth Gorge, Alaska. (fall)

Evan Stevens and Johann Aberger: Read about a classic new route on the in the Cirque of the Unclimbables, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Josh Wharton: First ascent of the west face of Cerro Torre.

Chris Donhari: Moose's Tooth, east face, new route in a couloir system right of ’81 Bridwell-Stump route. Weather, time and strength permitting, possible new couloir on Bears Tooth, and/or repeats of established routes in area

Chris Thomas: Phantom Wall, West Face, Mount Huntington, Alaska.

Andrew Wellman, Ben Hoyt, and Dakota Soifer: Visit the Ishinca and Ulta valleys in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru. In the Ishinca valley we are interested in climbing new routes on the southwest face of Tocllaraju (6,032m) and on the north face of Rahrapalca (6,162m). Additionally we are interested in climbing a new route on either the northwest bowl or northwest face/buttress of Nevado Ulta (5,875m) in the Ulta valley.

William Hinckley

Cory Nauman

Thaddeus Josephson

Aaron Thrasher