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a BeyondVerticalNew: A reprint of Layton Kor’s Beyond the Vertical was produced in 2013, with new essays and photos. AAC Library

Beyond the Vertical

In 1983, Beyond the Vertical was a colorful tribute to the wild years of the ‘60s and the madcap pioneers of that decade. The photographs are dated, with old cars, obsolete gear and clunky boots. But the summit smiles are timeless, testaments to the rewards of overcoming myriad hazards and doubts. There is a pioneering spirit that explodes from the pages—a spirit timeless and unchanging. Beyond the Vertical was reprinted in 2013. Layton Kor, sadly, died in spring 2012 before copies appeared. Harvey Carter, the other great desert pioneer from the ‘60s, preceded him by six months. But the desert is a vast and maze-like place. To climbers with an original vision, there will always be new adventure and challenge in the desert. Go find it!